HARAMARANot that I needed it brought to my attention but it was, “you have been radio silent on your blog lately”.  Yes, yes I have.  I really love my blog and it has given me the chance to spend more time exploring my passion.  But I got caught up in making sure I posted consistently and it was taking up almost all of my free time.  With my day job, night job (La Loves) and my personal life I was just getting too over whelmed.  I am trying to learn more balance in my life. Don’t worry I am not giving up my blog, again style is one of my passions and I have loved all of the positive feedback I have received while producing La Loves.  But I do need to find balance in my blog and in my life.

Although this is only a little tease because tomorrow I am packing up and going on a one week yoga retreat in Mexico….by myself!  I booked this excursion only three weeks ago.  I feel like my life has filled up with so much stress lately I am about to burst.  Maybe I am being extreme and the more I look into where I am going, I am not sure how I will survive.  I know this sounds like a dream come true to most but I have never traveled alone and am not very good at being alone.  Of course there will be people there and I am sure I will make friends but I need to learn to be happy with my own company.  Check out this article I read recently on ’15 Reasons you Should Spend More Time Alone’.  It is crazy how addicted I am to always being connected and there is no better way to kick my habits than cold turkey for a week.  Haramara does not have phone or internet access which is of course freaking me out but I know I NEED to disconnect for a bit.

This is a yoga retreat so there will be two yoga classes a day to keep me busy for a bit, but other than that I plan on relaxing, catching up on some reading and maybe I will try a surf lesson or two!  I was told to pack as light as possible and that “we don’t really get dressed in more than yoga clothes for the week” (what?!).  Again, this should be a nice change.. no valuables=no accessories (help me now!).  Check out my slim packing list below.  But in all seriousness, I do hope to find comfort in my own self and have some fun while doing it! Have any of you ever done something like this??


yoga retreatPacking List:

Yoga Wear: This is a Yoga retreat after all! As much as I love Lululemon I  don’t always have an extra $90 laying around for new pair of colored spandex.  I have recently really started liking the brand Zella that is carried at Nordstroms.  I really need to add these pink space dye pants and pink ombre top to my collection asap!  Also loving these blue yoga pants and top.

Beach Wear: This will be taking up the other half of my suitcase.  I love colored bikinis!  This Vitamin A blue swimsuit needs to be in my suit case!! I have soft spot for multi-colored bikinis… so this one has to go too! Anytime I am heading to the beach, sunglasses, a hat and sandals are a must!!

Beauty:  Don’t need much here.  I only plan on packing waterproof mascara, a Nars multiple (can use on eyes, lips or cheeks; my favorite color is South Beach ) and my favorite beach waves spray for my hair!

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Edgy Lace

DSC_0172I got this cream lace dress for my bridal shower a couple years back and haven’t really pulled this dress out of the closet again.  I think it is because it reminds me of bridal-ness.  I decided if I added some black edgy items with the dress, it totally wouldn’t look bridal anymore! Enter booties, tights and a boyfriend blazer and you never would have known this dress was bought for a wedding event!

DSC_0175 DSC_0202 DSC_0205 DSC_0221Miguelina lace dress via Gilt Groupe//Bebe blazer //Rag &Bone booties//Banana Republic clutch//Kate Spade watch//Bauble Bar necklace (loving this similar one)//Bracelets: J.Crew, Hermes, She.Rise, Gorjana and Griffin

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Pretty in Pink

Do you have this in pinkHappy Valentine’s week!! What a great excuse for me to hunt around the internet for pink things! Have a fabulous week!

pretty in pink

pumps//jacket//top//pjs//glasses//lipstick//earrings//handbag//phone case//dress

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